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ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)

The world is placing a stronger emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, and we understand the importance companies place on hiring talented people to meet their ESG requirements. ESG is evolving, and our commitment to staying current on the latest trends and changes in ESG puts us in a highly advantageous position when assisting companies in meeting their recruitment requirements.

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How our ESG recruitment process works

We have a video call to understand you, your company, and your team culture and then delve into understanding the specifics of the positions you aim to fill.​

We then use the conversation to tailor a search and selection process appropriate for finding suitable candidates. We then have in-depth qualification calls with potential candidates to ensure they meet the job requirements and fit your company culture.

Once we compile a shortlist, you can choose candidates you would like to interview, and we assist with managing the process from interview feedback to the offer stage and the point at which the candidate starts. We have a 94.6% success rate in filling positions within ESG & Sustainability.

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Are you curious about ESG Recruitment? We encourage you to contact us if you’re seeking candidates with experience in ESG practices or have any questions about the current market. Contact us via email at or phone us on 0161 806 1117.

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Find Exceptional Talent

Discover extraordinary talent with Altasu, where ESG recruitment meets human connection. We’re all about finding individuals who not only bring exceptional skills but also share your commitment to making a positive impact on the environment, society, and governance. Let’s build a team that’s not just outstanding professionally but is also aligned with your ESG values. Partner with us to infuse purpose into your workforce and make a meaningful difference together.

We Specialise

Our areas of expertise are ESG, Environmental, Sustainability, Climate, Energy and the list goes on. We are dedicated to shaping not just a workforce but a collective force for positive change.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

Candidates, customers, and investors all value a business's stance on Environmental, Social, and Governance. Reporting on these matters constantly changes, and we know it's essential to help companies find top-tier ESG talent.


Industry sectors are creating more green jobs than ever, fuelled by the growth of sustainability-focused markets. Finding candidates for these positions can prove challenging. That's why we specialise in Sustainability recruitment and have the most extensive network of candidates in the UK.


Environmental legislation is constantly changing. Companies are creating new culture in sustainable practices with a heavy focus on environmental issues. We have years of experience covering environmental positions across every industry sector.

Senior Hires

Delivering sustainability and ESG targets is essential; this is where we help companies most. Whether it's a Head of, Director, or C-suite level position, we can find you the perfect person across our extensive network of candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to common queries about our ESG-focused recruitment. Streamline your understanding for a seamless partnership.

We have a standard document outlining our terms of business. Please email, and we will send this over to you. We are happy to arrange a call if you have any questions about our business terms.

The cost of a bad hire is estimated to be three times higher than the salary paid, demonstrating the heavy responsibility of getting hiring right. Altasu has a 95 % success rate when hiring sustainability or ESG candidates for companies.

Embracing sustainability is a compelling means to attract candidates, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. The contemporary workforce seeks to contribute to a positive impact through their daily work, making it crucial for your business to commit to and fulfill this promise.

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