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Altasu provides premium recruitment services for clients spanning across all industry sectors and companies varying in size. Our proposition to our clients is very clear, as experts in IT & Technology Recruitment and we pride ourselves on being 100% results driven. We deliver, and that’s why we have an incredible track record of client retention. Service is a fundamental part of our recruitment process and we are constantly measuring what we do and striving to make improvements.
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How we fill your needs


This is where we listen to your needs as we want to have a complete understanding of the job requirements. We want every detail from the specific skills and experience required, and the type of candidates you want in your organisation. We understand that cultural is important and we want to understand every aspect of your company.

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We use the latest technologies and tools available to identify available talent on the market. We have a large network of candidates giving us an edge over our competition and quite often have access to candidates who aren't available through the standard channels.

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A smooth recruitment process is key to ensuring that we find a candidate who is delighted to start their first day and is eager to deliver on their responsibility.

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